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T2013-555-126136 - 500 Alaska

Course Code:

Start Date:
Aug 25, 2013
End Date:
Sep 1, 2013

Start Time:
8:00 AM
End Time:
6:00 PM

Shrine of St. Therese
21425 Glacier Highway
Juneau, AK 99801


Nearest Largest City: Juneau
Nearest Major Airport: Juneau International Airport


Total Seats:
35 (17 available)

Contact Name:
Yogafit Corporate Office

This training is not currently available.

Minimum Deposit: $250.00

Private are available for the fee of $1295.  

If you would like to take advantage of either of these options, please contact customer service to register by calling 888-786-3111 ext 222

An Exploration of Self

Come to the last frontier to explore the greatest domain- Self. In a rustic yet comfy Alaskan retreat center built on a rocky beach and dedicated as a place of spiritual exploration and renewal, participants will give themselves the unique opportunity to devote an entire week to their yoga practice, free from the demands of their regular routine. Participants will use foundational knowledge of yoga to explore a deeper understanding of Self. Participants are encouraged to compare/contrast different perspectives on recurring themes in yoga philosophy to define their own personal interpretations. Through satsang (group discussions), swadyaya (self-study), seva (community-building service), and astanga yoga (practicing the eight limbs) among YogaFit friends in Alaska wilderness, participants will discover Self within, among, and around.

Kristin Mabry will lead this intensive at the Shrine of St. Therese retreat center about 25 miles north of Juneau, Alaska. Optional short trips to glaciers, hiking, and sight-seeing are available during free time. 

In preparation:

   Each participant should review their strengths assessment from Level 5 or (re)take the test mentioned in Growing the Positive Mind by Dr. Bill Larkin, available at authentichappiness.org. Participants will teach a 75-90 minute practice consisting of asana, pranayama, and dharana around a theme of their choosing (using Sanskrit if desired), using their strengths as teaching skills. From the references listed or others, participants are asked to also include readings, stories, quotes, and other tools to further enrich their presentation. Participants should arrive at the intensive ready to teach this practice.


Anyone who has completed YogaFit’s level 1 training (at a minimum) may attend this intensive.




· For participants who are working towards their 500 hour RYT, this intensive satisfies the requirement for the 1-week intensive.

· For participants who are working towards their 200 hour RYT, this intensive satisfies the requirement for the Level 4 training and a retrain of Level 1.

· For participants on the therapy track, this intensive will offer 10 hours of training.



Approximate Schedule:

  • Early morning meditation and mantra
  • Asana
  • Breakfast
  • Morning satsang and study, asana practice
  • Lunch
  • Free time or Afternoon practice TBD
  • Dinner
  • Evening satsang and study
  • Free time (could include optional trips to glacier, hiking, touring town, salmon hatchery, inspirational movies, SPA night, music, etc. A more specific schedule will be provided at a later date).




Reading List:


  • Required

· Eastern Philosophy for Beginners by Jim Powell

· Bhagavad Gita

· Yoga Sutras

· YogaFit Level 4 Manual (will be provided if necessary)

· The Language of Yoga by Nicholai Bachman

· Bringing Yoga to Life by Donna Farhi

· An inspirational book of your choosing


  • Recommended

· Yoga Tradition - History, Literature, Philosophy, & Practice by Georg Feurstein

· Pathways to Joy by Vivekananda

· Yamas and Niyamas by Deborah Adelle

· Dharma of Star Wars by Matthew Bortolin

· Downdogs and Warriors

· Myths behind the Asana

· Emotional Healing with Essential Oils by Daniel Macdonald

· The Subtle Body by Cyndi Dale



We will stop at a grocery store on the way to the retreat center and go back once mid-week. Participants will be responsible for buying and cooking their own food during the week, as well as cleaning up after each meal. There is no food for sale on the property.



All who come are expected to be a contributing part of the community and to edify each other, our individual and collective work, and the facility. Participants are expected to practice saucha (keeping rooms and the common areas clean and taking good care of the property and each other, and limiting exposure to negative energy). Part of our last day will include cleaning our space to leave it ready for the next group.



What to bring:

· Layered warm clothing for practice and comfortable daily wear (average mid 60s

high and low-mid 50s low)

· Sturdy walking/hiking shoes and rain jacket

· Yoga mat and any other props you enjoy using and music for class

· Listed reading materials and a journal

· Money to purchase grocery-store food for the week and optional sight-seeing activities

· Camera!


Arrivals/Departures and Ground Transportation:

Please fly into Juneau before 10pm on Aug 25th (earlier in the day is recommended) and schedule a departing flight the afternoon of Sept 1st. Alaska Airlines is the only airline flying into Juneau. We will contact registered participants to arrange ground transportation via a shared shuttle. Taxis are very expensive to/from the camp and there is no regular shuttle service. Rental cars are available at the airport, but you won’t have much time to use it other than to/from camp.




· Tuition and a share room - $895

· Tuition and a private room - $1295

· All participants are responsible for purchasing their own airfare, food, and ground transportation. Kristin will work with attendees to arrange ground transportation and arrange trips to the grocery store for supplies.



Questions about this intensive can be directed to Kristin@MountainsideWellness.com

Thanks for your interest! I have worked hard to make the Alaska intensives about

deeply connecting to our practice in an inspiring, beautiful place, at an affordable price.