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T2013-YFS-125762 - YogaFitSweat

Course Code:

Start Date:
Jan 31, 2014
End Date:
Jan 31, 2014

Start Time:
12:30 PM
End Time:
10:30 PM

The Yoga Room
1121 North Cole Road
Boise, ID 83704


Nearest Largest City:Boise
Nearest Major Airport:Boise
Hotel: Hyatt Place Boise/Towne Square - 208.375.1200
Hotel: Oxford Suites Boise Idaho Hotel - 208.322.800

Total Seats:
25 (7 available)

Contact Name:
Deanna Fowers
(208) 861~6859

This training is not currently available.

Safe, hot & sweaty yoga created by our very own Beth Shaw. Hot yoga programs are gaining in popularity because heat is purifying, cleansing and healing. Added warmth prepares muscles and connective tissue for deeper stretches and facilitates perspiration, which serves to cleanse the body as well as clear the mind. Instructors are taught various medical conditions that can occur in a moderately heated environment, how to recognize and prevent them, how to modify sequences for beginners and special populations, and which individuals should avoid heat altogether.


1-Day Course (usually from 8am – 6pm)

*The Early Bird cut off date is one month PRIOR to the scheduled training date. For example, if the scheduled training date for the year 2006 is October 7 & 8, 2006, the Early Bird cut off date for that training is Thursday, September 7, 2006.
** If registering 7 days or less before Training Date.


YogaFit® Sweat Course Manual

Beth Shaw’s YogaFit®, 2nd Edition

*PLEASE NOTE: You MUST bring required reading material with you to your training.

TRAINING REGISTRATION POLICIES: Please read our Terms and Conditions prior to registering for a training.

A minimum number of registrations must be made in order for the training/event to take place.  The minimum is typically 12, but may vary.


ATTENTION NEW STUDENTS: If you are taking a YogaFit Teacher Training for the very first time, it is mandatory that you obtain a copy of Beth Shaw's, YogaFit (2nd Ed.), prior to the training. This text is a tremendous resource to have read prior to the first training taken with YogaFit and will give you a head start into the program.