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T2014-BK-126878 - Kettlebell Concepts Instructor training: Level 1

Course Code:

Start Date:
Jun 26, 2014
End Date:
Jun 27, 2014

Start Time:
8:00 AM
End Time:
6:00 PM

Hilton Minneapolis
1001 Marquette Avenue South


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Self Parking: $13/day

Valet Parking: $23/day



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Contact Name:
YogaFit Corporate Office

This training is not currently available.

YogaFit is proud to team up with KettleBell Concepts by offering KettleBell trainings at select YogaFit Mind Body Fitness Conferences in 2014

Kettlebell Concepts Instructor training: Level 1

Introduction to Kettlebell Lifting

 “You may train for a long time, but if you merely move your hands and feet and jump up and down like a puppet, learning karate is not very different from learning a dance. You will never have reached the heart of the matter; you will have failed to grasp the quintessence of karate-do.”

-Gichin Funakoshi. Founder of Shotokan karate.

So what’s our point? At KettleBell Concepts we’re encouraging you NOT to swallow the hype swirling around KB’s. Dig deeper. How about being able to earn MUCH more money by conducting small group, semi-private sessions? Kettlebells are super-hot—but like Spinning™, Pilates, Yoga, and other disciplines—you MUST know what you’re doing. Client are putting their most prized possession in your hands (their BODY!) so we know you’re a lot more responsible than “learning” the moves from YouTube. Right? RIGHT??   Competitive Girevoy Sport (kettlebell) lifters spend YEARS trying to master just two lifts: The Snatch and Clean and Jerk. Do you think you can possibly “learn kettlebells” in a pre-conference workshop? In 9 hours? In 16 hours? In 3 days? In a lifetime? Again—no different than yoga or martial arts or Pilates, etc in that regard.

This 16 hour course is the first step of many within the KBC curriculum and is geared specifically toward fitness professionals looking to implement kettlebells into a one-on-one environment or small group, semi-private environment. Here’s what you’ll learn:

Ø   You’ll begin learning the sciences of the “why’s” behind the “how’s” and you’ll do so safely and effectively with science and research needed to back it up.

Ø   You’ll learn the history. You’re entering into a long, long, storied tradition of “Physical Culture.”  Martial artist, Pilates & Yoga practitioners know their lineage. KBC demands no less from our instructors. Where did kettlebells come from? Why did they disappear for all these years? Why are they finally coming back now with such a vengeance? Where is the modality heading?

Ø   You’ll learn all the basic, foundation kettlebell lifts—and then some! 

Ø   You’ll learn how to start thinking of kettlebell training from a neurophysiological, biomechanical, kinesiological, and motor learning/control perspective and—more importantly—how this larger thought process can benefit you on a broader scale as a fitness professional. “Tell. Show. Do” has its place. But there are other things you should be consider!

Ø   You’ll learn how to effectively teach the basic kettlebell lifts for improved skill acquisition and context-dependent functional transfer.

"I have enjoyed using kettlebells in my yoga workouts for years. Kettlebells have helped to greatly increase my balance when I add them to my workouts,” said Beth Shaw—CEO of YogaFit. Our point is. . . this is the tip of the iceberg. With ongoing education, training, practice, time and patience, you’ll become fantastic with KB’s and (of course!) offer a fantastic class to your clients! Most importantly you’ll be able to effectively aid your clients in getting to where they need to be and make more money for yourself in the process. Not a bad deal.  Want to learn more about us and what you’ll be learning? Welcome to the first step.

2-Day Course (typically from 8 am – 6 pm)

Price = $399.00

There will only be a very small handful of Kettlebells available for use. If you do not bring your own, chances are high that you will have to share with someone else.  If you’re going to be a Level 1 Instructor with KBC, you should probably have your own KB to practice with after the training. It is therefore strongly suggested you bring, borrow, or buy one. (One KB only, please. Double kettlebell work is not done until Level 2.)

Recommended weights for women are 10-15 lbs, and men from 25-35lbs.

Contact KettleBell Concepts at 800-876-6090 x711 or info@kettlebellconcepts.com for more information on purchasing KB’s at highly discounted rates. 

Your digital manual will be sent upon registration. It is NOT required that you print this out. What is required is that you start getting familiar with it ASAP. (It is for this reason that no “at the door registrations” are accepted. KBC does not bring extra manuals to any training.)  We suggest you save the manual to your computer and think of it as a reference guide. (It’s over 100 pages long.) We strongly suggest you bring a notebook and take supplemental notes as the instructor goes through his lectures and practicals.

Recommended materials 

Come prepared to study and work out, and have fun for two full days!

You MUST bring required reading material with you to your training.

TRAINING REGISTRATION POLICIES: Please read our Terms and Conditions prior to registering for a training.

*PLEASE NOTE: This training is not part of the YogaFit RYT 200 or 500 hour programs.


A minimum number of registrations must be made in order for the training/event to take place.  The minimum is typically 12, but may vary.